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Pick a team, make some trades, win the championship... Seems simple enough
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 List of Rookies

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PostSubject: List of Rookies   Thu Jun 14, 2007 9:26 pm

A. Bargnani-PF-74
A. Morrison-SG-74
R. Foye-SG-74
M. Williams-PG-72
B. Roy-SG-72
L. Aldridge-PF-71
R. Gay-SF-70
T. Thomas-SF-70
S. Williams-C-68
R. Carney-SF-66
L. Head-SG-66
K. Lowry-PG-59
P. O'Bryant-C-61
S. Williams-SG-65
J. Farmar-PG-65
J. Boone-C-59
R. Rondo-PG-60
M. Collins-PG-64
K. Armstrong-PF-63
J. Redick-SG-64
S. Sene-C-55
Q. Douby-SG-64
R. Balkman-SF-64
R. Brewer-SF-65
S. Brown-SG-64
L. Powe-PF-64

I realize theres still four missing, ill find out who asap. And sorry for the excrutiatingly long wait, but at least theyre posted now Very Happy
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List of Rookies
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