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Pick a team, make some trades, win the championship... Seems simple enough
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 Rookie Draft: kind of important

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PostSubject: Rookie Draft: kind of important   Wed Jun 20, 2007 7:25 pm

Its been a tough weak for me with exams and unfortunately due to it a few people have left. There hasnt been much announcements for the draft and because of the lack of super coolicious excitoramatic new things, a few people have began to get bored and such. SO! I PROPOSE THIS, IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA FOR ANY SORT OF COMPETITION, AWARDS, EVENTS, ETC, PLEASE TELL ME Very Happy, its more than likely that it will happen. However Im going to send out pm's to see who's all actually gone or not So please dont invite people to join until after I do (because we dont want people requesting a team only to find out the GM is still here), the pm's will be going out tomorrow. Also, Ill make a new topic thingy for the ideas to go in, so please dont post them in the league discussion section.

your fantastoramic admin~Lebronzoom
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Rookie Draft: kind of important
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